Welcome to the
  Dj Trala Lama 

In the beginning there was music
And the music came from Lamastan

And then came the Trala Lama
To take you back to Lamastan
With the same music

At the age of seven, Trala DJ Lama went to the local music-school on wednesday afternoons. 

After three wednesdays of crying out loud his parents decided it was better he quit the music-school and was allowed again to go play outside. 
This period of his life has strongly influenced his love and interest for outdoor parties and festivals.

Starting over twenty years ago, he has made a musical journey of different styles from reggae and dub, blues and jazz,
through (acid-)house, club, techno and trance at many locations and occasions. 

He hosted his own clubnight on thursday nights at the Theetuin in Amsterdam for about two years
until he decided some day he would dedicate his dj-sets to chillout and other downtempo music.

Over the last fifteen years he has been playing a mix of ethno-psychedelic ambient and a bit more uptempo music
in order to gently take his audience down the road that leads to the State of Lamastan.